Hand Reaching Out

'Words are events.

They do things. Change things.

They transform both speaker and hearer.'


A relational, humanistic approach

I use a relational, Humanistic approach. This means that I believe in everyone's capacity for self-fulfilment and growth, under the right conditions and with the help of a supportive relationship in which we feel seen and safe to be who we are. I practice with empathy and unconditional positive regard, respecting everyone's need to be heard confidentially, without judgment.

I work with people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, gender and age groups. I value each person’s uniqueness and tailor my approach through a process of continuous conversation with you.


I have a policy of strict confidentiality and follow professional standards defined by the ethical codes of BACP, UKCP & EATA

Empathy & Respect

I listen without judgment. I value and respect the courage it takes to share with a therapist

Continuous professional development

I am committed to ongoing professional development, through training and supervision.


 I work with attention to cultural and identity difference. I'm interested in how difference is experienced both in day-to-day life and your relationship with me.

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