Hand Reaching Out

'Words are events.

They do things. Change things.

They transform both speaker and hearer.'


A relational, humanistic approach

I use a relational, Humanistic approach. This means that I believe in everyone's capacity for self-fulfilment and growth, with the help of a supportive relationship in which we feel seen and safe to be who we are. 

As a relational therapist, I am interested in how early relationships shape our sense of self and the ways in which we relate with others in our adult lives. I pay attention to the stories that we tell ourselves about our self, our role in relationships and our place in the world. Together, we can explore such narratives in relation to the issues that bring you to therapy.


Some emotional states are painful and frightening. And yet, I believe that they often contain important learning about ourselves. They may point to entrenched ways of being that no longer serve us, or highlight forgotten and neglected parts of our self. In the process of therapy, we can look into the things that challenge you the most in life and relationships, considering opportunities for positive change and growth, or unfinished healing from the past that may need to take place.  

I practice with empathy and unconditional positive regard, respecting everyone's need to be heard confidentially, without judgment.

I value each person’s uniqueness and tailor my approach through a process of continuous conversation, as I aim to understand and meet you in your unique experience and needs.


I have a policy of strict confidentiality and follow professional standards defined by the ethical codes of BACP, UKCP & EATA

Empathy & Respect

I listen without judgment. I value and respect the courage it takes to share with a therapist

Continuous professional development

I am committed to ongoing professional development, through training and supervision.


 I work with attention to cultural and identity difference. I'm interested in how our subjectivity and difference are experienced both in day-to-day life and the therapeutic relationship.

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