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We're wired for connection from birth. But we can sometimes struggle with intimacy as adults.
How does it become so difficult to express our true self and needs to another?

Are you puzzled by why the same difficulties keep arising in the relationships that you have, whether with partners, family or friends?


Perhaps you’re very good at looking after other people’s needs but seem to struggle when it comes to getting your own needs met.


Maybe you feel uncomfortable and tend to withdraw when anyone tries to get close. Or can’t help but lash out when you feel challenged.

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This two-day exploration, over the course of a weekend, will give you the support and tools to examine what you find most challenging in relationships.

Sessions will offer group counselling after introducing key ideas from the Transactional Analysis school of psychotherapy - a widely recognised model, which offers accessible everyday language to help us understand why we think, feel and behave as we do in relationships. You will be guided to unpack any repeating struggles in order to find healthier alternatives, as well as to gain clarity on your strengths, hopes and aspirations. 

When September 2022, exact dates to be confirmed

Where London, exact location to be confirmed

Who is this process for Adults aged 18 or over. Please note that this is a space for individual reflection, and is not intended for couples to attend together.

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Why group therapy? A group offers a safe and supportive environment to learn, self-reflect and heal. Sharing this process with a group can give you new perspectives, the empathy of others who struggle in similar ways, diverse input and support to work through what you find most challenging. The new experience of relating, that a professionally facilitated group can enable, is often a deeply transformative and healing experience.

What is Transactional Analysis? Transactional Analysis (TA) is a model of psychotherapy that aims to explore the origins of our patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour. TA focuses on building awareness and empathic understanding of how and why we came to be the way we are. It also enables us to explore new ways of relating with ourselves and others, increasing our capacity for intimacy and autonomy.

About the facilitators

Deliana Ianeva and Chris Elcombe are qualified counsellors registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Deliana works in private practice in East London, the NHS and mental health charity Mind.  Chris lives and works in private practice in SE London.

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